VAT Returns

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a complex tax and can carry harsh penalties to businesses that do not comply with the law. Protecting your business and watching it grow is what NWD Accountancy is here for and, to ensure you are at ease we make sure that all our staff are up to date with the latest VAT rules and legislation.

By continually monitoring your figures, we will be able to inform you of when your business will meet the VAT threshold for the year, allowing us to assist with registration and submission of your company’s monthly/quarterly VAT returns. This means you won’t have to worry about declarations being incorrect, saving you from having to pay hefty non-compliance penalties.

As NWD Accountancy serve a varied range of customers, we specialise in knowing what VAT rates apply to each specific area of business. For example, rules relating to VAT on land and property transactions are more complex than most. We can ensure that your affairs are arranged in a way that mitigates your exposure to VAT and can keep you ahead of competitors. Our team are also fully trained in the ways of international VAT matters as well as for non-profit organisations such as charities.